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Service & Maintenance

It is very important to maintain the integrity of your Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Systems. We strongly feel that maintaing your system on a regular basis can save you from catastrophic circumstances and actually keep costs down by being pro-active while conforming to NFPA and local governing agency codes. Our dedicated technicians are well equipped and have the experience to immediately assess damages and decide what is required to resolve the situation with a minimum of downtime and expense. We offer prompt, friendly service, and take pride in our appearance and professionalism. We offer a wide array of service programs that can be customized based on your individual needs. We have an extensive list of satisfied customers and although our standards are of the utmost importance, our prices are very competitive.

  • Initial survey

    We can assess your needs and recommend a program for you.

  • Proactive maintenance

    We help you be proactive to help you avoid costly surprises.

  • Fine / cost reductions

    Fewer fines and violations means saving money and avoiding disruptions to your business.

  • Life




Some of our service programs are:

  • Time managed service contracts
  • All-inclusive service contracts
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • On call services
  • Pro-active programs
  • Volume discount services
  • Free surveys & estimates

Foos Fire Inc. also handles any VIOLATIONS that you may have recieved in an urgent and effective manner. You can upload your violations direct to our website or fax to our office for an immediate response. We will immediately schedule an appointment with you or a representative at the location of the violated premise and start the curing process. We will handle everything.

(631) 689-6869

24/7 emergency service
(855) 222-0070