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Fire Sprinkler Lead Service Technician

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Fire Sprinkler Lead Service Technician



                                                                NEW YORK DIVISION

  • Certified WBE looking for individual in the New York Division
  • Must have 5 years minimum experience in the Fire Sprinkler Industry
  • Requires Full-Time commitment and has considerable growth opportunities
  • Must possess some knowledge of technology (all work orders/forms/reports on iPad Tablet)
  • Must possess NYC S12 & S13 Certifications (Nassau Type II also required but can obtain through employment)
  • Individual must be punctual, professional, and be able to communicate well with others
  • Must have clean driving record
  • Drug and Drama free only please!
  • Will be provided with company vehicle so must have residence with no work/truck restrictions or another means of storage
  • Competitive and Prevailing Wages Available
  • Full benefit package including Medical, 401k , Vacation & Sick time
  • Please click Apply <-  or email resume to

(631) 689-6869

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